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Whether logos or labels - transfers can be used to refine and improve your products.

INDIVIDUALITY is very important at barta!

barta also pays great emphasis on adding benefits for your products. For example, in addition to design and color scheme, security has also become a topic of interest. So whether you want to make your product forgery proof, increase visibility or through technical or visual elements make your design multifunctional - our own research department is alway striving to give individuality, identity, and added benefits to your product.

We offer our customers two types of transfers, both of which apply in seconds to their products:

  • self-adhesive transfers (application by mechanical or manual pressure)
  • heat-activated transfers (application by mechanical means using heat and pressure)

barta transfers are typically used on technically challenging materials such as hard and soft plastics, wood, painted surfaces, textiles, leather and rubber to name but a few examples.

They are characterized by their

  • excellent resistance to light, abrasion and extremely diverse climatic conditions,
  • resistance to chlorine and saltwater as well as to sweat and corrosion,
  • heat, cold and UV light resistance
  • wash resistance to 95°C (depending on the material), must be guaranteed,
  • resistance to extraordinary mechanical, thermal and chemical demands, depending on the material
  • Eco-Tex Standard 100/Level 1 certification for fabrics worn directly against the skin (also suitable for infants),
  • permanent durability but inspite of staying elastic with an excellent ink coverage.

barta transfers are thus ideal for products from many different industries. To provide our customers with a clear overview we subdivide our transfers into four areas:

Of course, there is almost no limit to the application of our transfers. Should you require a label or logo on a special material, our international sales team or our customer service will be happy to help. An individual consultation as well as internal testing on your original material guarantees an excellent result.

Our transfers are printed on paper or foil substrates, can either be individually cut or delivered on rolls and can be cleanly and efficiently integrated into various production processes.