Variable data

This is ideally suited for the traceability and individual marking of products, as well as for communication and advertising using QR codes.

Ultra Thin

A perfect bond to the material, results in a smooth surface that in turn ensures good abrasion resistance and high elasticity

Extremely Stretchable

Due to the high stretch ability of this transfer print solution, highly elastic fabrics can be permanently marked and decorated. These transfers are ideal for applications on swimwear, underwear, fleece and shirts.

Abrasion resistance

All Barta Transfer Print solutions have particularly high abrasion resistance. Thus, fonts, decorations and forms are well preserved even after a long period of time.

Certified Quality

Our transfer prints are also available with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 / Level 1 certification for textiles. Especially suitable for products which are worn directly on the skin.

Resistance to Washing & Drying

The special construction ensures the perfect solution for textiles which are exposed to a high number of washes. Also possible are dry cleaners.

Excellent Weather Resistance

Barta Transfer Print solutions withstand severe weather conditions and offer good visibility over a long period of time.

Light & UV Resistant

Thanks to a special protective coating, the transfers retain their luminosity and readability for a long time and hardly lose their color intensity.

Resistant to Salt & Chlorine Water

Due to the special mixture of different lacquers, the transfer prints by barta are particularly resistant to salt water and chlorine water.


The combination of several harmonised layers make our transfers particularly durable.


Due to the special composition, this type of transfer is ideal for all materials that bleed heavily.

Halo Free

Logos and designs with clear cut edges. This is ideal for hard and soft shell applications.

NFC Adherence

Due to special adhesive layers, the use of our transfer prints is also possible on heavily coated materials (eg: near-frictionless carbon).

Special Haptic

This feature is particularly useful for transfers on products where the haptic (eg: rubber feeling) is of great importance.

Cold & heat resistance

Transfer prints with this feature can be optimally adapted to the conditions of use of the product.

Laser Inscription Possibility

The inscribability of our transfers with lasers enables a subsequent individual customisation.

Fine color gradient

Even complex designs can be printed using the finest lines and colour gradients.


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