The company Franz Barta GmbH combines tradition with future in Vienna. For over 75 years, we have been producing and distributing top quality transfers worldwide.With self-developed transfer technologies and self-designed production facilities, Franz Barta GmbH is one of the leading transfer manufacturers in Europe.


We see problems and mistakes as a chance for innovation and improvements.Our employees are not only encouraged but have the right and the duty to report every discrepancy and mistake as well as work on the solution. We strive to reduce our error rate against zero.


Our customers are partners as they are integral to our company’s success and continuity.Customers value our philosophy, manufacturing high quality products at an acceptable price. Achieving high client satisfaction is our priority, offering customer service even before an order is placed.Tailor-made solutions and high problem-solving skills create added value and enables us to be a reliable partner.


Employees are the most valuable asset of our company. The qualification, information and motivation of all employees are the basic prerequisites for our corporate success. Therefore, it is important for us to inform the employees and to support them with their training and knowledge and skills. The responsibility for the implementation of our quality policy is borne by every employee in his area of responsibility.Commitment of our employeesEach employee is required to fulfill the quality requirements applicable to his or her area of responsibility.


We see it as our task to question the existing and to continuously develop improvements that lead to an increase in product quality and our competitiveness.


Our suppliers are our strategic partners. We therefore demand the 100% fulfillment of our primary customer requirements in terms of product features, quality, delivery reliability and communication. In order to achieve our common quality goals, we promote and support the development of the quality management system of our suppliers.


The goals for our processes are determined from our quality policy in order to promote our managers as process owners to take responsibility for jointly achieving our quality goals.


Generating sufficient profits will ensure the continued existence of our company and will finance the provision of the necessary resources to achieve our quality goals and our commitment to continuous improvement.